Meet Maya

Meditation and Tech Specialist


Maya Kumits is a meditation and tech specialist focused on helping individuals discover their true happiness.   

Maya is the Co-Founder of The Spring Meditation, NYC's premier Vedic Meditation studio located in SoHo. She learned to meditate while working as the Chief Technical Officer of an early stage startup. Not only did Vedic Meditation keep her stress levels at bay in a chaotic, fast-paced environment, it also improved her life in many ways outside of work.  Most importantly, these benefits, such as better sleep, less anxiety, improved relationships, higher baseline happiness (to name just a few) happened as a natural side-effect of meditation, without any additional effort.  Out of a desire to share this amazing technique with others, she completed her teacher training in a rigorous 3.5 month residency in India in 2017.  

Maya has 18+ years experience in tech and a passion for the science and art of Software Engineering. Her love of the craft of coding kept her hands-on even while managing simultaneous development teams. She's a full-stack software engineer, fluent in 5 programming languages (Scala, Java, C#/.NET, Python, Ruby) and grasps new technologies easily. Having worked primarily in start-ups, Maya had to wear many hats such as CTO, Architect, Developer, Product Manager, Project Manager, Mentor, QA Analyst, UI/UX Analyst, Business Analyst and Salesperson. Maya's soft skills are as good as her tech skills, which allow her to effortlessly bridge the gap between business and tech

Maya graduated from Columbia University with a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Economics. She's a tech geek at heart with a love for building functional, usable software.

She lives in NYC with her two daughters.