Vedic Meditation

 work from a place of rest,
not overwhelm

Understanding My Passion

Activity is rooted in stillness.  In order to perform at our peak both physically and mentally, we need to alternate stillness with activity.  I'm here to move your mind and your body in both directions, helping you find balance. 


What is Vedic Meditation?

Vedic meditation is an easy, effortless form of mental technique.  If you can think thoughts, you can meditate.  There’s no need to quiet the mind, there’s no need to focus or concentrate, there’s no need to sit in a fancy pose.  It’s meant for people who live busy, modern lives so they can accomplish more.   It’s a 20 minute, twice a day, at-home, mantra-based practice that’s easy to integrate even into the tightest schedules.


Meditate with Maya


Step 1
Attend an Intro Talk

Come along to one of the free Intro Talks where I will explain where Vedic Meditation comes from, how it differs from other forms of meditation, what makes it such a powerful stress relieving tool, what benefits people enjoy from the practice and how the course works.

Step 2
Take the Course

The Vedic Meditation course runs 1.5 hours per day over four consecutive days. I will show you how to meditate in an effortless, natural way.   At the end of the course you will be an expert, self-sufficient meditator and you will be able to take this practice with you anywhere you go.

Step 3
Enjoy A Lifetime Of Follow-up

Once you take the course, you have continued access to me, as your teacher, for support.  You can attend the weekly group meditation and knowledge session at no additional cost.   You can even repeat the course as many times as you like at no additional cost.


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