Vedic Meditation Course Details



During the four-day Vedic Meditation course you'll learn the Vedic Meditation technique. You'll receive a personal mantra and four sessions of masterful instruction to become a self-sufficient, daily meditator for life.

Included with learning this technique is a lifetime of follow-up support:




In just 1-2 hours a day over four days, I'll show you how to actualize your full mental potential by giving you a self-sufficient meditation practice to take with you for life. You’ll learn how to take your meditation anywhere without needing apps, recordings, or a drop-in studio. All four sessions are required since each day's curriculum builds on the previous day. The first session is usually taught one-on-one, and the following sessions are taught in small groups.

Day 1

Initiation into Vedic Meditation

1-hour private session

Day 2

Meditation + the Mind

2-hour group session

Day 3

Meditation + the Body

2-hour group session

Day 4

Meditation + Consciousness

2-hour group session


During the course, I will teach you:

  • The mechanics of the technique so you can practice on your own

  • What happens in the mind and body during meditation to release stress

  • How to fit meditation into busy schedules

I'll check your technique to refine it each day to ensure that you fully understand your experiences. By the end of the course, you'll have enough practical experience and theoretical understanding to be a self-sufficient meditator.

After the course, you'll be ready to continue a successful daily practice and enjoy unlimited follow-up and complimentary group meditations worldwide.



Each student is asked to make a financial contribution in exchange for his/her instruction. This type of equitable exchange of time and energy is a practice dating back thousands of years from India, known as guru dakshina, and is an effort to maintain the purity and consistency of the teaching. This system sets up a powerful and reciprocal relationship between teacher and student — something of great value is offered in exchange for something of great value.

To make this knowledge accessible to everyone regardless of financial status, the Course Fee may be paid in 3 monthly payments and may be offset by contributing service with an accredited non-profit organization.

  • Adults: $990 or 10 monthly payments of $99

  • Full-time students: $450 or 10 monthly payments of $45 (proof of enrollment required)

  • Teens (age 12-18): $360 or 10 monthly payments of $36 (parental approval required)

  • Children (age 4-11): free with a parent/guardian who is a course graduate

Volunteer service: You may contribute volunteer hours to cover all or part of your course fee. Apply at:


Private Courses (Individual, Couples, Teams, Companies, or Groups) are also available. Contact for availability.




Vedic Meditation has made me more relaxed and tuned in to my true needs and desires. I can't thank Maya enough!

— Priscilla, Public Affairs, NYC


Learning to meditate with Maya has been a very uplifting, educational and wonderful, relaxing experience.

— Mike, Entreprenur, NYC


Vedic Meditation is a great technique for triggering the relaxation response muscles instead of the stress response muscles. Life flows much better now. 

— Carolina, Registered Nurse, NYC