Exploring the Veda Part 2

You've learned to meditate.

You feel better. You're having smoother interactions with your colleagues, loved ones, and strangers in the street. Perhaps you're sleeping better, and that residual anxiety you've been carrying around is starting to dissipate. 

Now what? 

It's time to go deeper. Exploring the Veda Part 2 is a rich and fascinating introduction to the world of the Veda - that ancient body of knowledge from which meditation comes. This course is like no other you've taken before. You'll come out the other side of these three days with an elevated intellect and an expanded perspective.

Course Dates and Times

  • Fri, Apr 6th 6:30-10pm (dinner and group med included)
  • Sat, Apr 7th 1pm - 8pm (optional lunch at 12:30pm and group med at 8pm)
  • Sun, Apr 8th 1pm-8pm (optional lunch at 12:30pm and group med at 8pm)

Location: The Spring Meditation
Prerequisite: Exploring the Veda Part 1
Cost: $600 for the weekend and includes delicious Ayurvedic food (if you've already taken the course, you can repeat the course for $108)

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